– Initial consultation. Following a telephone call, we will meet and discuss your aspirations for your garden and Andrew will offer advice and suggestions. This consultation is charged at £50 for a local visit of around one hour and is payable in advance of our meeting. If you feel you may not be local or might require a longer visit to discuss plans for your garden without necessarily progressing to a full design, then Andrew will be happy to advise during the call. After the meeting, you will receive a fee proposal showing how you can expect the project to proceed. Every project is different, so the approach will be set out and agreed. Below are some examples of the services Andrew offers.

– Full design process. A survey is carried out, and then an outline plan and images are presented to you. Following this, amendments may be made, and the plan is drawn up with dimensions and further details, ready for our selected contractor to build the hard landscape elements of your new garden. Once the hard landscape elements have been completed, Andrew puts the finishing touches to your garden with the planting, water features, and other elements that elevate his gardens above others.

– Simple layouts. Sometimes a full design is not required, and the space can be measured during our initial consultation. A good example would be for a patio area. A computer generated layout may then be produced and sent across via email for your approval.

– Ponds and water features. Once we have an idea of the size and scope of the water feature required it can be designed. A simple sketch plan is usually enough to cost up the water feature, and it gives room for the modifications on site which are crucial in achieving a truly natural looking result. Andrew is available for maintenance, advice, or cleaning visits to keep your water feature looking at its best.

– Miniature water features. Andrew can supply and install a half oak barrel water feature with a miniature water lily, marginal plant, and pond weed for only £330.00. Other suitable vessels may be used – new or old. Please send an image and some rough measurements if you would like an email quote to convert something for you. Please look in the water feature images to see some examples of these features.

– Planting. Planting plans may be produced, particularly for larger schemes or those where the plants need to be agreed. Plants are selected to grow well and be appropriate for the conditions, and to provide interesting colour and textural combinations. These plants are usually ordered from top nurseries and delivered ready for planting. Sometimes, for smaller schemes, a combination of plants are be hand selected by Andrew for planting.

– Construction. Small landscape works may be carried out by Andrew to repair or match in with some existing work. Larger works are referred to selected contractors.

– Maintenance. Andrew is available to provide general maintenance after your garden is built to ensure that your garden develops as it should. Andrew can also advise on, and carry out the rejuvenation or development of existing gardens.

What will the cost of a new garden be? This is a very difficult question to answer as there are many variables – not least the size of the garden. Unfortunately, TV makeover programmes giving figures that only include materials can give the impression that professionally designed results are possible with a modest budget. For our full design process above, you should be prepared to invest at least £20,000.00 to achieve the final result, and very possibly more, depending on the work involved. Of course, smaller projects can be achieved for much less. It is important we set a realistic budget at the start so that we can achieve the very most from your budget.


We will discuss your requirements and draw up a fee proposal


The latest industry standard software is used to aid presentation and visualisation


High quality plans


3D imagery


Appoint a landscaper to build and plant your garden


Your new garden space