– Initial consultation. Following a telephone call, we will meet and discuss your aspirations for your garden and Andrew will offer advice and suggestions. This consultation is charged at £50 for a local visit of around one hour and is payable in advance of our meeting. If you feel you may not be local or might require a longer visit to discuss plans for your garden without necessarily progressing to a full design, then I’ll be happy to advise during the call. After the meeting, you will receive a fee proposal showing how you can expect the project to proceed. Every project is different, so we may agree to a less involved approach than that outlined below.

– Survey. For larger and more complex sites it may be necessary to use the services of a dedicated surveyor to get the level of accuracy required to produce an accurate plan. In most cases the area will be surveyed by Andrew, including all levels. A design brief will be agreed to underpin all stages of the design process to ensure we find the best solution for you.

– Outline plan. This requires development of ideas to arrive at the correct solution for your outdoor space. The design is then drawn up into a scaled plan, supported by 3D images and images to convey the mood of the design being proposed. This plan does not contain details such as dimensions or specific plants. These are included later. An approximate build cost is calculated so we may make any necessary changes at this relatively early stage.

– Details. Construction plans are essential for the contractor to build the garden. These may be supported by section details if we are proposing any unusual constructions within the scheme. The package will include all of the information for the contractor to give you an accurate estimate or quotation for the work.

– Tender. We can recommend landscape contractors to carry out the work to the highest standards. Sometimes people are tempted to use a general builder to install a garden, but we have seen many examples over the years where this decision has resulted in a poor quality finish. We highly recommend using a landscape contractor who is a member of a good trade organisation such as the APL or BALI.

– Construction. A series of site visits throughout the build are recommended to ensure the garden is being built correctly. Having a landscape construction background, Andrew is well qualified to supervise the build to ensure the highest quality and find the best solutions to issues that may arise as your garden is built.

– Planting. Once the build is underway, we usually work out the planting plan. The general mood of the planting may have been established earlier in the process, but this is the time to begin thinking about precisely which plants go where. Andrew often plants the garden himself, sometimes with assistance from the contractor for larger specimens.

– Maintenance. Andrew is available to provide general maintenance after your garden is built to ensure that the garden develops as it should.

What will the cost of my garden be? This is a very difficult question to answer as there are many variables. Working out the approximate area in square metres should help give an understanding. Measure or pace out the approximate length, and multiply by the approximate width. £150 per square metre should allow a good mixture of hard landscaping and planting to be installed in a garden with good access. A ‘softer’ approach with more planting could be achieved for £100 per square metre. Major changes in level, water features, large amounts of hard landscaping, access issues, large amounts of soil removal, bespoke items, or instant effect planting will all increase the price. Andrew can guide you towards a realistic budget.


We will discuss your requirements and draw up a fee proposal


The latest industry standard software is used to aid presentation and visualisation


High quality plans


3D imagery


Appoint a landscaper to build and plant your garden


Your new garden space